Governance of Stand-Up Paddle to the ISA at Olympic Level

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The ISA today welcomed the landmark decision by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) to award the governance of StandUp Paddle (SUP) to the ISA at Olympic level.

The resolution of this matter is an historic moment for the sport of SUP and the ISA. The ISA has been committed to the global development and promotion of SUP over many years – investing and defending the sport to serve the best interests of the athletes, national federations, local SUP events and all fans.

The CAS award allows the ISA to further focus and fully accelerate the international growth and popularity of the sport, as the International Sport Federation responsible for SUP at the Olympic level.

ISA President, Fernando Aguerre said:

“At the end of this long and difficult paddle, we are both relieved and gratified by this important decision by CAS.  In confirming the ISA’s governance of SUP at the Olympic level, CAS has validated our years of passion, commitment and leadership – from our world champions, to our officials, organizers and member federations.

“The global SUP community can now look forward with clarity in continuing the building of an exciting future for SUP and its athletes. This includes our long-term ambition and plan to see the sport included in the Olympic Programme under the leadership and authority of the ISA.

“For us, there’s never been any question that the governance of SUP at the Olympic level derived rightfully from the history, tradition and culture of surfing.  Today, we feel validation and recognition for all the years of active effort and hard work the committed teams at the ISA and around the world at a national level have invested to ensure SUP’s continued growth.

“Today’s decision is a team gold medal for the sport and the ISA.  We would like to thank all the athletes, officials, ISA member federation leaders and APP World Tour, as well as our legal team at Baer & Karrer, who supported us and stood by us all along the way.”

ISA Vice President Casper Steinfath said: 

“As an active athlete, but also a leader of the ISA, I am truly stoked for this outcome.  At the same time, we are pleased to put this legal process behind us. We are eager to get back to the important priority for all of us in expanding the global opportunities for SUP athletes and the sport.

As we saw at the Pan Am Games last summer in Lima, SUP can add amazing value to multi-sport competitions like the Olympic Games, Youth Olympic Games, and other Continental Games.

“The pathway to these events for the athletes – through the ISA governance and its membership – is now clear.”

“For those of us who love and practice this sport every day, our passion to see SUP thrive globally is completely genuine and comes from our core. Today marks a historic moment for the rightful leadership, promotion and unity of SUP, which will ensure it enjoys an exciting and successful future.”

CAS has issued a press release regarding the award, which can be viewed here.

Team SA take in Copenhagen Race Route with Practice Paddle

Team SA take in Copenhagen Race Route with Practice Paddle

“Today the team got on the water for the first team since arriving yesterday. We had a window period from 2pm where we were allowed to paddle the course with a lot of the buoys already laid out it was great to get a feel for where we will be racing. The team all commented on the beauty of the city from the water it’s a truly beautiful place to paddle . The team are in high spirits and are adjusting well to life in Copenhagen dodging cyclists and taking in the culture of the city.” – Jackie LeCourt De Billot – Captain


To watch the event live streaming go to #Denmark #isaworlds #surfingaouthafrica.

SA SUP Team For 6th ISA World SUP Championships Announced

SA SUP Team For 6th ISA World SUP Championships Announced

Nyhavn, Copenhagen Habour

Denmark will be the host nation for the upcoming ISA SUP & Prone World Champs. Credit:


Surfing South Africa is proud to announce that the Board of Directors has ratified the selection of the members of the national SUP team which will represent South Africa at the 6th ISA World Stand-Up Paddle and Paddleboard Championships to be held in Denmark from 31st of August to the 10th September 2017.


The national team to represent South Africa at the ISA World Championships is made up of athletes, coaches and management from Kwazulu – Natal, Gauteng and the Western Cape.

Dylan Frick, Gary Van Rooyen, Tamsyn Foster and Khara Doyle (All Western Cape) will compete in the SUP Surfing discipline, Dylan Frick, Kimon Dos Santos (Western Cape), Chris Couve (Gauteng), Team Captain Jacqueline De Billot (Kwazulu-Natal), Rolande Williamson (Kwazulu-Natal) will participate in the SUP Racing discipline while Candice Murray (Western Cape) and Kit Beaton (Western Cape) will compete in the Prone Paddleboard racing division.

The Team Manager is Jarryd Doyle (Western Cape) and the team Coach is Shayne Chips (Kwazulu-Natal).



Cape Town’s Dylan Frick going head to head with the Danish Viking & ISA Vice-President, Casper Steinfath. Pic Credit: Ben Reed (Location: Fiji 2016)

The ISA World SUP and Paddleboard Championship has become one of the International Federation’s fastest growing competitions, with Denmark expected to see record participation in terms of number of countries and athletes participating. This year’s event, which will be hosted across the two cities and take place for the first time in Europe, will showcase the discipline’s top athletes competing in stunning and iconic Danish locations.

The event will kick off with SUP and Paddleboard Distance and Sprint Racing events held on the historic canals of the Danish capital Copenhagen, right in front of iconic venues including the Opera House and Royal Theater. The championship will then move to Vorupør, situated in the northwest coast of the country in an area known as “Cold Hawaii”, celebrated for its excellent wave conditions and unique surf & SUP culture.  Cold Hawaii will be the site of the SUP Surfing and SUP and Paddleboard Technical Races straight off Vorupør’s popular and picturesque beaches.

SUPSA President Dave Maxwell commented “ This year the World Championship is being held in Europe for the first time and it will therefore be another new and exciting chapter in the short history of competitive Stand Up Paddling. SUPSA welcomes the revision to the team composition made by the ISA which allows equal participation by women in the event and is proud to celebrate this moment with the appointment of our first woman Team Captain this year, Jackie De Billot. We are excited to watch the progress of this year’s team which has a good blend of youth and experience as they compete in Denmark.”


Surfing South Africa (SSA) is the recognized governing body for the sport of surfing in South Africa. SSA is a member of the South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (SASCOC). SSA is a member of the International Surfing Association (ISA), the World governing body for the sport. For more information about SSA visit


Robin de Kock

SSA General Manager



For further information on SUPSA and the National SUP & Paddleboard team please contact Dave Maxwell on





As the long-standing and sole governing body for SUP, the ISA continues the positive growth and development of the sport worldwide

The International Surfing Association (ISA) has today announced that men and women will participate in equal numbers for the first time at the 2017 ISA World StandUp Paddle (SUP) and Paddleboard Championship, held in Denmark from 1-10 September. Under the guidance of the ISA since the sport was created, the International Federation is continuing its drive to promote gender equality in SUP – reflecting the excellent growth and development of the sport in both men’s and women’s divisions.



For the first time in the six years of the ISA World SUP and Paddleboard Championship, the divisions will feature gender equality, creating more opportunity for elite female athletes. Photo: ISA / Rommel Gonzales


As the global authority for the sport, the ISA has also enabled both SUP racers and surfers to contest medals in several Olympic Movement events in the past few years.

At this year’s Championship, the SUP Distance Race, SUP Technical Race and SUP Surfing will feature two men and two women from each national team, with the Paddleboard Technical Race, Paddleboard Distance Race and SUP Sprint Race featuring one athlete in each gender category.

Under the guidance of the ISA, both SUP Surfing and Racing disciplines have grown in popularity and professionalism. The ISA World StandUp Paddle and Paddleboard Championship is now the fastest growing event in the federation’s World Championship Series. This latest advancement of women’s SUP highlights the ISA’s daily efforts to further develop the sport around the world with a greater number of elite female and male athletes now qualifying to compete at the highest level.

In its 6th edition, the ISA World SUP and Paddleboard Championship will be held in two locations. The event kicks off in Copenhagen from 1-3 September with the Opening Ceremony, SUP and Paddleboard Distance races and SUP Sprint Races followed by a medals ceremony in the heart of the city. The teams then travel to Vorupør where the SUP Technical Races, SUP Surfing and Team Relay Race will take place from 5-10 September.

The ISA event will be organized by Friends of Cold Hawaii, an association that hosts annual ocean sport championships in Denmark, in collaboration with the Danish Surf and Rafting Federation (DSRF), Sportevent Denmark, Wonderful Copenhagen and Copenhagen Watersports – the largest rafting and StandUp Paddle club in Denmark, and will be the first time the competition has travelled to the Scandinavian nation.

The first two years of the ISA World StandUp Paddle and Paddleboard were hosted in Peru, before taking place in Nicaragua in 2014, Mexico in 2015 and Fiji in 2016.

ISA President, Fernando Aguerre, said:

“Promoting greater opportunities for women and gender equity through our events is critically important to the ISA and to me personally. As the world governing authority for SUP and Paddleboard, disciplines of Surfing, we are constantly working to foster their worldwide development and growth.

“We are excited to take this event to Denmark for the first time, where the enthusiasm for SUP is a testimony to the global growth, development and youth appeal of this key ISA discipline. Following the 2016 Championship in Fiji last November and with Denmark later this year, we can demonstrate the universality of SUP and Paddleboard – which is a result of years of hard work by the ISA and our National Federations in all continents.

“We plan to build on SUP’s successful inclusion in major multi-sport games, such as the 2019 Pan Am Games and 2019 World Beach Games, and continue our tireless promotion and support of the sport with the goal of eventual inclusion in the Olympic Sports Program. SUP is an intrinsic part of the Surfing world, and we intend to keep it that way.”



2017 ISA WSUPPC: Team Size Increase and Event Details

2017 ISA WSUPPC: Team Size Increase and Event Details



Dear ISA Members,
The ISA is writing today to share important information regarding the upcoming 2017 ISA World StandUp Paddle and Paddleboard Championship (WSUPPC) to be held in Denmark from September 1-10th!

Please read the following information carefully and contact the ISA with any questions.

The ISA has decided to expand the opportunities available to women at the 2017 ISA WSUPPC by allowing the same number of entries per discipline as the men. As a result, please note that the team size has increased from 15 total athletes to 18. Subsequently we have reduced the paddleboard division to 1 athlete per gender. All changes to the team size can be seen in BOLD below.

Team Size: Equal Size for Women and Men

  • 9 Men
  • 9 Women
  • Alternates, Team Officials and Team Supporters- no limit

Competitors Per Discipline:

  • SUP Surfing: Men (2), and Women (2)
  • SUP Racing Technical: Men (2), and Women (2)
  • SUP Racing Distance: Men (2), and Women (2)
  • SUP Sprint Race: Men (1), and Women (1)
  • Paddleboard Racing Technical: Men (1), and Women (1)
  • Paddleboard Racing Distance: Men (1), and Women (1)

Competitors for Special Event:

  • ISA Team Paddle Relay:
    • SUP Racing: Men (1), Women (1)
    • Paddleboard: Men (1), Women (1)

COURSE DETAILS: Location and Distance

  • SUP and Prone Distance Racing Course
    • Location: Copenhagen
    • Distance: approximately 18-20km
  • SUP Sprint Race Course
    • Location: Copenhagen
    • Distance: 200m
  • SUP Surfing
    • Location: Nr. Vorupør, Cold Hawaii
  • SUP and Prone Tech Racing Course
    • Location: Nr. Vorupør, Cold Hawaii
    • Distance: approximately 3km
  • Team Paddle Relay
    • Location: Nr. Vorupør, Cold Hawaii
    • Distance: between 400- 1000m per relay leg

**The ISA Contest Director reserves the right to make necessary changes to any course or schedule due to conditions related to the safety of competitors.

**Exact maps will be provided as soon as course details have been set

All teams are strongly encouraged to read the full event and equipment details in the current ISA Rulebook

**Subject to change by the ISA

  • Tues., Aug. 29 – Thurs, Aug 31: Copenhagen
    • On-Site Registration
    • Managers Meeting at 7pm on Aug 31
  • Fri., Sept 1: Copenhagen
    • Parade of Nations and Opening Ceremony
  • Sat, Sept 2: Copenhagen
    • SUP and Prone Distance Races (both Men and Women)
    • *Men and Women will have two different start times; one in the morning, one in the afternoon. Therefore, it WILL be possible to share racing boards between genders
  • Sun., Sept 3: Copenhagen
    • SUP Sprint Race (both Men and Women)
    • Awards Ceremony for Distance and Sprint Races
    • Buses depart Copenhagen for Nr. Vorupør, Cold Hawaii – our Event Hosts are providing complimentary transportation to all registered athletes, team officials, and equipment from Copenhagen to Cold Hawaii (about a 5 hour drive).
  • Mon., Sept 4: Nr. Vorupør, Cold Hawaii
    • Ceremony
  • Tues, Sept 5 – Sunday, Sept 10: Nr. Vorupør, Cold Hawaii
    • SUP Surfing, SUP Technical Races, Prone Technical Races, Team Relay
    • Schedule TBD depending on conditions
    • Closing Ceremony immediately following the final heat/race on Sunday, Sept 10
  • Mon, Sept 11:
    • Team buses return to Copenhagen from Nr. Vorupør, Cold Hawaii
    • *Buses are not expected to arrive in Copenhagen until the afternoon on Monday, Sept 11. Please plan your travel accordingly. If you need to be back earlier, you will be required to provide your own transportation.


  • SUP Surfing-No weight or length restrictions
  • SUP Racing-Technical and Distance: 12’6″ and Under; no weight restrictions (see explanation below)
  • Paddleboard-Technical and Distance: 12′ and Under; no weight restrictions
  • All Boards:
    • Single hull
    • Stationary/non-correctional fins
    • Fin box allowed
  • Equipment is the responsibility of the teams and will be officially checked at designated times prior to its use in competition.
  • Athletes must supply their own equipment.
  • The ISA will provide local board transport

SUP RACING BOARD SIZE: Clarification of Decision
After examining the feedback from our ISA Members regarding preferred board size, the ISA has decided to continue the use of 12’6 SUP Racing Boards for 2017. The reasoning is as follows:

  • The results of the survey of ISA Members were inconclusive and do currently reflect a preference for 14’
  • Adopting 14’ would clearly favor the developed nations who have the means and resources to ship larger boards to DEN
  • 12’6” boards are more suited to the wave/ocean conditions in Nr. Vorupør, Cold Hawaii
  • The question of the best world-wide solution for the boards requires further study and the ISA will take active steps moving forward to review, monitor and consult the stakeholders as we look ahead to future WSUPPCs


  • The ISA and Event Host strongly encourage all teams to research and coordinate necessary shipment of boards as soon as possible.
  • Due to the restrictions with airlines, it is very likely that many boards will need to be cargo shipped well in advance of the event. Please look into options now.

For more details including the next steps to register, Anti-Doping, event site information, etc., please visit the ISA World StandUp Paddle and Paddleboard Championship page on the ISA Website. (Click Here!)

We look forward to seeing you in Denmark!


International Surfing Association

Denmark Worlds: Application for Team Coach & Team Manager

Denmark Worlds: Application for Team Coach & Team Manager

SUPSA hereby invites applications for the Management Team (Manager and Coach) for the 2017 South African Team to compete at the ISA World Stand Up Paddleboarding and Paddleboarding Championships to be held in Denmark from 1 – 10 September 2017.

This is a unique opportunity to participate as a team member in a unique competitive celebration of the sport of paddleboarding with the world’s best athletes at a truly world class international sports event.


sa sup team

SA SUP Team getting excited at Registration at Fiji Worlds Champs last November


The successful candidates will be responsible for the following key areas:

Team Coach:
The Coach will assume overall responsibility for Team training, conditioning, performance and motivation both prior to, and during, the event. The candidate should ideally thus be able to demonstrate ability working:

  • with elite athletes, preferably with competition and/or coaching experience at  national or international surfing and/or paddle racing events.
  • within a team dynamic in an intensely competitive team event environment

Team Manager:
The Manager will assume overall responsibility for managing the team including the responsibility for budgeting, expenditure and fundraising, as well as liaison with and reporting to SUPSA. The candidate should ideally thus be able to demonstrate the ability to carry out the following responsibilities:

  • successfully manage a large team of athletes and support staff in a major event environment over a 2 week period.
  • plan and implement all team logistics prior to departure and during the event.
  • successfully liaise with the local and international media and manage the teams social media presence
  • manage communication between athletes, management and event officials while fostering team spirit and managing team discipline.

The persons appointed to both positions:

  • Will be awarded full Protea colours.
  • Must be South African residents, with either a SA passport or ID.
  • Are required to fund the costs of their own trip to the extent that team fundraising does not cover the costs of travel and accommodation.

If you’d like the SUPSA National Team Selection Committee to consider you for either position please submit your application with a CV to Dave Maxwell at

The closing date for applications is 15 March 2017.

Dual Location Highlights Innovative Format for ISA SUP Worlds Event



SA Vice President and three-time Technical Race Gold Medalist, Casper Steinfath, will welcome the SUP Technical Races and SUP Surfing to his home of Cold Hawaii. Photo: ISA / Ben Reed


The International Surfing Association (ISA) has confirmed today that Vorupør and Copenhagen will co-host the 2017 ISA World StandUp Paddle (SUP) and Paddleboard Championship in Denmark on 1-10 September 2017 in an innovative format that will see the SUP Surfing and Technical Race events in Vorupør and the Distance Racing events right in the heart of Copenhagen.

Read the official ISA Press Release here…