SUP Fanatics Downwind Junkies – CT 

As the name suggests we are a group of +/- 30 SUP downwind junkies eagerly anticipating our next downwind fix 🙂 We are constantly on the look out for a sniff of wind whether it be the “Cape Doctor” SE wind in summer or NW wind in winter, anything from 15kts and more will do, we not picky as long as there are bumps to ride we on it 🙂

In summer we generally start our downwinds from Lagoon Beach in Milnerton and land at Big Bay Life Savers Club which is around 11.5km of open ocean paddling depending on the line you take and in winter we go False Bay side from Fishoek to Millers which is also around 11.5km of open ocean paddling.
As SUP downwinding is considered an extreme sport it is not recommended for beginner paddlers, you must have at least mastered the basic skills of Stand Up Paddling, be fit and be comfortable paddling in open ocean conditions where safety is paramount.
The group shuttle and admin is run by Adrian @ SUP Fanatics whom can be contacted on 082 459 6767 or for more info on joining, downwind lessons or equipment rental.
Cape Town Downwind clip (6minutes):