Stand Up and Paddleboard at the St Francis Bay, SA S1 Surfski Championship and SA Canoe Marathon Championship 2020

Yes you heard it! Stand Up and Paddleboards were included in this year’s SA S1 Surfski Championship and SA Canoe Marathon Championship in St Francis Bay. 

 The weekend started with an ocean race on the Saturday. Kit Beaton, Jadon Wessels and Paige Horn were our three proners who took on the grueling 14 km ocean race that greeted the paddlers with great southerly winds. Chiara Vorster (Junior girl) proved her incredible determination and great training as the only Stand Up Paddle that took on this ocean race. We are incredibly proud of you, Chiara. See the results, below: 

SUP Women 

  • Chiara Vorster – 2:07:49 

Prone Men

  •  Jadon Wessels – 1:51:01
  • Kit Beaton – 1:51:08 

Prone Women 

  • Paige Horn – 1:58:28

Sunday brought on the Canoe Marathon/ Flatwater Race that SUPSA selected as a sanctioned event for their annual calendar. Our paddlers were getting ready to take on the last batch in the race. The team were met with blue skies, light winds and a great winding course, set to meander between the houses with plenty of technical turns, hidden poles, sand banks and currents under the narrow bridges. The race included two portages on the three lap course (Open Men and Women) and one portage for the two lap course (Junior SUPs and Proners). In both instances the portage was to be skipped on the first lap. This reasoning by the organisers became well understood in the desire to have the field more spread out to avoid congestion and this added an exciting technical aspect to the racing. Each full lap consisted of twists and turns over 4.7 kms and in both race distances there was a short extra loop of around 1 km around the top end of the canal and past the headland to the finish (or Spit as it’s known) and the moves in this part of the race, dubbed “the sausage lap” would invariably define the end results. 

 The Junior paddlers, Cameron, Migael and Chiara could choose between doing the SUPSA distance for the junior category, being 2 laps, or compete with the open category who did 3 laps. Cameron and Chiara opted for the 3 laps with the open men and women and Miggie did the 2 laps with the prones. CSA facilitated and assisted the paddlers with these teething problems, being the first official race with them and it’s something that will no doubt be resolved by the evergreen Anja Burger from SUPSA, whom was on top of matters the whole weekend from her phone in Johannesburg, as was our SUPSA President Mandy Scanlen from Cape Town. A big thanks to them both and in getting us there in the first place and that tons of hard work behind the scenes was brought to fruition!

The SUPs and Prones started at a frenetic pace, really setting the scene for anybody who did not know we actually race. See the results below:


Open Men Results 

  • Cameron Tripney – 1:43:50
  • Kimon Dos Santos – 1:44:11
  • Gary Van Rooyen – 1:50:59
  • Thomas King – 1:55:54
  • Craig Girdlestone – 2:03:00

Open Women Results 

  • Tarryn King – 1:55:51
  • Chiara Vorster – 2:02: 59
  • Elmari Renecle – 2:09:33
  • Evette Terblanche – 2:14:04

Junior Boys

  • Migael Terblanche -1:16:27

Prone Men 

  • Connor Botha – 1:13:31
  • Jonny Lucas – 1:16:51
  • Jadon Wessels – 1:19:02
  •  Kit Beaton – 1:19:29 

Prone Women 

  • Paige Horn – 1:40:41
  • Carmel Billson – 1:40:41

We look forward to the next race!

Write up by Steve Tripney.

Great photos by Chris Scott’s Photography. 

Governance of Stand-Up Paddle to the ISA at Olympic Level

The following article is written by ISA News and can be found on the ISA website. 

The ISA today welcomed the landmark decision by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) to award the governance of StandUp Paddle (SUP) to the ISA at Olympic level.

The resolution of this matter is an historic moment for the sport of SUP and the ISA. The ISA has been committed to the global development and promotion of SUP over many years – investing and defending the sport to serve the best interests of the athletes, national federations, local SUP events and all fans.

The CAS award allows the ISA to further focus and fully accelerate the international growth and popularity of the sport, as the International Sport Federation responsible for SUP at the Olympic level.

ISA President, Fernando Aguerre said:

“At the end of this long and difficult paddle, we are both relieved and gratified by this important decision by CAS.  In confirming the ISA’s governance of SUP at the Olympic level, CAS has validated our years of passion, commitment and leadership – from our world champions, to our officials, organizers and member federations.

“The global SUP community can now look forward with clarity in continuing the building of an exciting future for SUP and its athletes. This includes our long-term ambition and plan to see the sport included in the Olympic Programme under the leadership and authority of the ISA.

“For us, there’s never been any question that the governance of SUP at the Olympic level derived rightfully from the history, tradition and culture of surfing.  Today, we feel validation and recognition for all the years of active effort and hard work the committed teams at the ISA and around the world at a national level have invested to ensure SUP’s continued growth.

“Today’s decision is a team gold medal for the sport and the ISA.  We would like to thank all the athletes, officials, ISA member federation leaders and APP World Tour, as well as our legal team at Baer & Karrer, who supported us and stood by us all along the way.”

ISA Vice President Casper Steinfath said: 

“As an active athlete, but also a leader of the ISA, I am truly stoked for this outcome.  At the same time, we are pleased to put this legal process behind us. We are eager to get back to the important priority for all of us in expanding the global opportunities for SUP athletes and the sport.

As we saw at the Pan Am Games last summer in Lima, SUP can add amazing value to multi-sport competitions like the Olympic Games, Youth Olympic Games, and other Continental Games.

“The pathway to these events for the athletes – through the ISA governance and its membership – is now clear.”

“For those of us who love and practice this sport every day, our passion to see SUP thrive globally is completely genuine and comes from our core. Today marks a historic moment for the rightful leadership, promotion and unity of SUP, which will ensure it enjoys an exciting and successful future.”

CAS has issued a press release regarding the award, which can be viewed here.

Hout Bay Series 2019

The Hout Bay Series 2019 is here!

We have 4 races planned for you in the most beautiful corner of our country. Make sure that you spread the word and bring along your family to this family-friendly event.

The courses are either a 3.6 km, 6 km, or 9 km. The races will take place on the following dates:
– 28 July
– 18 August
– 29 September
– 27 October

Registration will be at 8 am at every race with the race starting at 9 am.

Each race will have a cost of R100 for adults and R50 for under 13’s & pensioners.

The divisions include divas, legends, open women, open men, junior boys and girls for either SUP or prone. Contact us if you want to bring your surf ski or K2 along, and we will organise as demanded. You can register here.

We have scheduled these races so that it does not clash with any other Western Cape events, so make sure you get on your board and paddling. There will be parking at Harbour Zone 75 and post-paddle-food-deals will be available at Marinas Wharf.

With the greatest support from our title sponsor, Combustion Technology, there will be cash prizes at the finale for overall participation as well as prizes by Xpression on the Beach and Marinas Wharf. 

We hope you are as excited as we are!






Date: 12 March

Venue: Fish Hoek Beach Sailing Club

Race Fees: Early entry R100 | Same day entry R150

Registration: Online now or on the day from 7:30am

Start Times: 9:00am Surfkskis/ SUPs | 11:00am Sailors


First 100 entrants receive race tops

More details and entries: or contact Caroline Hutchinson via 083 306 6525



XOTB/ Nutribullet Downwind Series is here!

XOTB/ Nutribullet Downwind Series is here!

XOTB/ Nutribullet Downwind Series is here


Hey Downwind junkies, first event of the XOTB/ Nutribullet Downwind Series is here! Are you ready for some awesome SUP Downwind action? Yeah you are… It’s all going down this Sunday 7th February at Fishhoek.


This event is designed for everyone, the first timer’s as well as the frequent flyers, young and old, man and woman, come one come all, and experiance the thrill of downwinding!

Race Dates: The Race will run on the day with the best predicted conditons, on the specified weekend. Check the calendar dates for this event and more here…

1: 7th Feb
2: 20th / 21st Feb
3: 5th / 6th March
4: 19th / 20th March

Cost R50 per race
Time: 14:15 – 14:30 Registration at the Fish Hoek Sailing Club
14:30 – 14:50 Shuttle from FH to Millers
15:00 – Race start


Leashes, PFD’s (personal Flotation Device) and Cellphone’s are compulsory. (ALL AVAILIBLE AT XOTB if you do not have)

Flares: Optional but advised.

Good vibes only.

Look forward to seeing you all there!

Contact XOTB for more info:

TEL: 021 709 0596 | 10 Empire Building Beach Rd | Muizenberg, Cape Town, South Africa | Email: or