COVID-19: Beaches are open again

Tuesday February 2nd, 2021
Surfing South Africa President welcomes the opening of beaches
Surfing South Africa President, Johnny Bakker has welcomed the announcement by President Ramaphosa that all beaches in South Africa are open once again.
“On behalf of Surfing South Africa and all recreational, social and competitive surfers and surfriders we are happy to be able to enter the ocean again and surf” said Bakker. South Africa’s surfriding fraternity also includes surf shops, surf schools, surf coaches, all of which have been hard hit by the month long beach closures.
Not only has Olympic qualifier Bianca Buitendag been unable to prepare for the upcoming Tokyo Olympics but  professional and competitive surfers from all parts of South Africa have been unable to train for an extended period.
In addition, over 20,000 recreational and social surfriders have also been prevented from exercising in the ocean.
The lifting of the beach ban is effective immediately and in order for the beaches to remain open, all surfriders are reminded to adhere to Covid -19 protocols which include mask wearing prior to surfing and upon returning after a surf, adhering to social distancing and to not gather in groups at beaches and surf venues. All surfriders and beach users are requested to adhere to these basic protocols at all times.
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Surfing South Africa

Governance of Stand-Up Paddle to the ISA at Olympic Level

The following article is written by ISA News and can be found on the ISA website. 

The ISA today welcomed the landmark decision by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) to award the governance of StandUp Paddle (SUP) to the ISA at Olympic level.

The resolution of this matter is an historic moment for the sport of SUP and the ISA. The ISA has been committed to the global development and promotion of SUP over many years – investing and defending the sport to serve the best interests of the athletes, national federations, local SUP events and all fans.

The CAS award allows the ISA to further focus and fully accelerate the international growth and popularity of the sport, as the International Sport Federation responsible for SUP at the Olympic level.

ISA President, Fernando Aguerre said:

“At the end of this long and difficult paddle, we are both relieved and gratified by this important decision by CAS.  In confirming the ISA’s governance of SUP at the Olympic level, CAS has validated our years of passion, commitment and leadership – from our world champions, to our officials, organizers and member federations.

“The global SUP community can now look forward with clarity in continuing the building of an exciting future for SUP and its athletes. This includes our long-term ambition and plan to see the sport included in the Olympic Programme under the leadership and authority of the ISA.

“For us, there’s never been any question that the governance of SUP at the Olympic level derived rightfully from the history, tradition and culture of surfing.  Today, we feel validation and recognition for all the years of active effort and hard work the committed teams at the ISA and around the world at a national level have invested to ensure SUP’s continued growth.

“Today’s decision is a team gold medal for the sport and the ISA.  We would like to thank all the athletes, officials, ISA member federation leaders and APP World Tour, as well as our legal team at Baer & Karrer, who supported us and stood by us all along the way.”

ISA Vice President Casper Steinfath said: 

“As an active athlete, but also a leader of the ISA, I am truly stoked for this outcome.  At the same time, we are pleased to put this legal process behind us. We are eager to get back to the important priority for all of us in expanding the global opportunities for SUP athletes and the sport.

As we saw at the Pan Am Games last summer in Lima, SUP can add amazing value to multi-sport competitions like the Olympic Games, Youth Olympic Games, and other Continental Games.

“The pathway to these events for the athletes – through the ISA governance and its membership – is now clear.”

“For those of us who love and practice this sport every day, our passion to see SUP thrive globally is completely genuine and comes from our core. Today marks a historic moment for the rightful leadership, promotion and unity of SUP, which will ensure it enjoys an exciting and successful future.”

CAS has issued a press release regarding the award, which can be viewed here.

EL SALVADOR 2019 – That’s a wrap

And that’s a wrap for the 2019 El Salvador Surf City ISA World SUP and Paddleboard Championships. 

We ended the last day with eyes fixed on the men and women’s surfing final where France took gold for both men and women – Benoit Carpentier scored an 8.90 on an incredible final wave and Justine Dupont continued to showcase her skill on each wave she surfed. The closing ceremony in the boiling hot sun followed at 13:00 where Tyra Buncombe took to the stage for her gold medal. South Africa placed with an overall 8th and with a proud Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika we ended the 2019 ISA World SUP and Paddleboard Championships. 

A word from Anja

Sitting on our last flight from London to Cape Town I though it best to introduce myself. My name is Anja Burger and I have been the Team Manager for the SA SUP Team for the 2019 El Salvador ISA World SUP and Paddleboard Championships. I have been making most of the arrangements for the team to get them where they have to be and have what they need. I also wrote this blog on a daily to keep our family and friends up to date on this trip. 

The trip has been a great privilege in my year. Not only was this an opportunity to travel with incredible athletes but it was an opportunity to travel with good-hearted, extremely funny and caring people and share our love for the greatest water sport. I get extremely excited to see the sport grow in our country and got a real kick out of experiencing the sport on an international platform.

We have great plans to make next year as great if not 17 times better. Makes sure you know what’s going on. 




EL SALVADOR 2019 – Surfing at Worlds

Surfing – Day 3

Great excitement filled the breakfast room with Matt, Dylan and Khara taking to the waves again. Dylan was up in heat 2 and Matt in heat 3, while Khara would showcase her skills thereafter. Dylan had a great round with scoring a 5.37 on his second wave and a 6.10 on his fourth wave. The waves were cooking and allowed Dylan to surf them from the back to the front. With great excitement – Dylan exited the water with the top score in his heat. 

Little did we know that the next heat would include top wave scores from Matthew Maxwell from South Africa. After a 5.40 on his second wave, Matt scored a 4.40, placing him third behind Daniel Hughes. Matt waited for the last seconds in his heat, and with a shock to Daniel’s system, already being interviewed for his second spot, Matt got onto his last wave – 30 seconds from the end – and landed every turn from the back to the very end of the best wave up until then. He scored an 8.73. The vuvuzelas reflected these scores with great and loud blows. 

Khara’s heat was coming up and she entered the water with a great excitement after the previous day’s great heat. Khara had a tough heat with Candice Appleby and Lara Claydon from the United States of America and Aline Adisaka from Brazil. Khara had difficulty in getting waves while the others had priority with good sets that came through. She surfed until the end but was not able to place in the top two in this repo round. 

It was time for repechage round 4 for Dylan and Matthew. Matthew was up against Zane Schweitzer from the United States of America, Gabriel Salazar from Chile and Juan de los Reyes from Spain. Matt scored on great waves throughout his heat, with a 4.23 on his second wave. With great disappointment – the commentator announced an interference call after wave two – saying that Matt was warned that he was prone paddling more than five strokes and received the interference penalty on his second warning. This was massively disappointing especially with his fourth and fifth wave scoring 6.2 and 5.10, which would’ve placed him in second place but knocked him down to 3rd because of the penalty. This meant the end for Matt’s surfing at Worlds. Great surfing Matt! 

Dylan was next and up against Clement Roseyro from France, Guillermo Carracedo from Spain and Jefferson Tascon from Columbia. With some difficulty in finding waves, Dylan scored 5.63 and 5.10 on the two waves that he caught. It was two great waves but was unfortunately not enough to move him from third place.

And just like that – El Salvador Surf City 2019 ISA World SUP and Paddleboard Championships was done and dusted. So what did we do next? We had burritos, organised a bus, packed our boards and found our way to Playa Punta Roca where there were a couple of locals and fun waves. Great fun was found, here. We ended the day with burgers and pasta at our favourite restaurant with the Danish Team. 

What is left for today? Closing Ceremony at 1 pm on Sunday and a Closing fiesta at 6 pm. You can also watch the surfing finals this morning (afternoon in South Africa), which has just started.

Just a massive thanks to Ben Reed and Sean Evans for the great photos throughout the World Championships.  

EL SALVADOR 2019 – Repo Rounds and Vuvuzela’s

Surf – Day 2

With yesterday’s round 2 Men being moved out to day 2 meant that we had Dylan’s round 2 and repo rounds lined up for us. This had the South African team start their Friday – relaxed and ready for a surf-filled day.

Dylan’s round two didn’t go exactly as he would’ve preferred. He had a few great waves with scoring the highest scored wave in his heat, but the last seconds of the heat did not provide the expected set that only arrived after the cut off time. Dylan placed third behind the Peruvian – Dave de Amas – and the United States of America’s Zane Schweitzer, getting him into the repo rounds.

Three South Africans in repo rounds offered great entertainment for the crowds – with a lot of vuvuzela bellows and waving of the South African flag on classic rock ‘n roll oldies, including Thunderstruck, Eye of the Tiger and a Man’s World. Matthew Maxwell and Dylan Frick were sorted in the same repo round 1 with Sean Hovell and Jamie Andrew, both from New Zealand. Our objective – 1st and 2nd place. Matt had a great first wave, scoring him a 5.33 followed by Dylan with a 5.17. The two Saffas kept on ruling the score board until the end with Dylan ending first and Matthew in second place. They will be surfing in round 2 of the repo rounds on day 3, without having to face each other until the very end. 

Khara’s repo round followed with battling it out against Alejandra Brito from Mexico, Natalia De La Lama from Argentina and Laura Del Pont from Italy. The swell had grown throughout the day with great sets coming through, paired with a cross wind and pulling rip. Khara ruled the score board from her first wave until the very last, with Argentina, Mexico and Italy battling to keep up. Khara ended the heat with first place and Argentina with second. 

Our day 3 will have an 8 o’clock start when Dylan battles it out against Moritz Mauch from Germany, Jose Gomez from Peru and Geronimo Rogers from Argentina. He will start at 8:20 am (16:20 in South Africa). Matthew is in heat 3 of day 3’s repo rounds (H39) going up against Jefferson Tascon from Columbia, Franco Bono from Chile and Daniel Hughes from the United States of America. Matthew will be on directly after Dylan at 8:40 am (16:40 in South Africa). Khara’s next repo round will take place at 9:40 am (17:40 in South Africa) against Candice Appleby and Lara Claydon from the United States of America and Aline Adisaka from Brazil. 

Remember to check in with us on Whatsapp and on the ISA Live Streaming page. 

Great images taken by Ben Reed and Sean Evans. 


EL SALVADOR 2019 – Let the surfing begin

Surfing – Day 1

A good, great, sunny day in El Salvador and the surfing is getting everyone hyped up and ready for the entertainment. Matt, Dylan and Khara had their first round in the World Championship Surfing. All surfers had quite a challenge to get waves in their heats because of the swell that died down throughout the week – so it was all about getting waves where you could and showcasing as much skill as possible on the waves you got.

Matt started off with a great first wave with a few critical turns on the below average conditions and managed to hold second place until the last 20 seconds where the New Zealand surfer got a great set and jumped from third to first. Matthew will be partaking in the repo rounds on day 2. Dylan was up next and got to surf a few killer waves keeping a steady second place behind Tamil Martino from Peru. The commentators enjoyed Dylan’s board swimming below sea level but this didn’t stop him getting great turns on every wave he went for. Khara partook in heat 5 with Hannah Finlay-Jones from Australia, Takayo Yokoyama from Japan and Viania Torres from Peru. Khara went for the first wave and scored well with 5 turns placing first in the first 5 minutes. Vania from Peru got the second wave and jumped the scoreboard to first place. Khara ended her heat at third place behind Australia and will be going through to repo rounds with Matthew.

Today is Surf Day 2 where Dylan will take part in round two at 9:20 am and Matt and Khara will take part in repo rounds this afternoon. You can stay up to date on the live streaming on the ISA website, on our Whatsapp chat (let Anja know) or on Instagram live on the SASUPTEAM profile.