2016 National SUP Team: Management Team Selection

2016 National SUP Team: Management Team Selection


Invitation for applications for the Management Team (manager and coach) for the 2016 National Paddleboarding Team for the World Championships.


If you’d like SUPSA to consider you for a position as a Team Manager or Coach then please submit your CV and application to Dave Maxwell who is heading up the National Selection Committee at vicepresident@supsa.org.za. Please see the list of the requirements for the respective positions below.

*The closing date for applications is the 18th December 2015.


**The date and venue of the 2016 WSUPPC have not yet been announced by the ISA


Team Coach:

Preference will be given to candidates who can demonstrate experience working;

– with elite athletes, preferably with competition and/or coaching experience at national or international surfing events.

– within a team dynamic in an intensely competitive team event environment


The Coach will assume overall responsibility for Team training, conditioning, performance and motivation both prior to, and during, the event.


Team Manager:

Preference will be given to candidates who can demonstrate ability to:

successfully manage a large team of athletes and support staff in a major event environment over a 2 week period.

plan and implement all team logistics prior to departure and during the event.

successfully liaise with the local and international media and to give accurate information for daily press releases and website requirements.

to relate to athletes and team coaches while playing a pivotal role in team harmonics and discipline.


In addition to the above requirements, the Manager will assume overall responsibility for managing the team including the responsibility for budgeting, expenditure and fundraising, as well as liaison and reporting to SUPSA


***Candidates for both positions:

Will be awarded full Protea colours and are therefore required to be South African citizens

Are required to fund the costs of their own trip to the extent that team fundraising does not cover the costs of travel and accommodation.



Coreban Summer Series 2015 Is Here

Coreban Summer Series 2015 Is Here

The Coreban Summer Series 2015, is one of the only Stand up Paddleboarding (SUP) events of it’s kind, it is not only South Africa’s oldest running SUP contest but is also the largest.




The Coreban Summer Series started in 2009 and has grown from strength to strength over the years, from the organization to the level of the participants, across all the disciplines. The contest attracts riders from across the country as well as abroad, and marks the start of the SUPSA 2016 Racing and Wave Tour. The highest ranked participants at the end of the Tour are eligible for South African Team Selection.




What makes the Coreban Summer Series so popular is that it is a multidisciplinary SUP event that comprises of SUP Surfing and SUP Racing, so there is not only individual category placing’s, but overall pacing’s as well, in order to determine the best all rounded Paddler’s, and bragging rights for the winners.




This year is the first year the event will not take place in Big Bay, and we will run it in False Bay with the Wave Riding taking place at Muizenberg, and is generally the most competitive division. Participants are divided up into heats of 3-5 SUP’ers where they surf against each other for points, more points are given to the SUP’ers who perform the most radical maneuver’s on a wave within the specified time limit, the two riders in each heat with the highest points move onto the next round, until only 4 remain in the final. Some standouts in the past years and guys and girls that are sure to turn heads in this years competition are, Justin Bing, Tom King, Greg Bertish, Brandon Ribbink, Kimon Dos Santos, Nick Walker, and Grantley Read. While In the Ladies division our eyes will be on Tarryn King, Penny Stement and Tammy Robarts. Our biggest division in the Wave Riding event is the Social Davison, which is for those paddler’s new to Competition and that have not been SUP’ing for too long.



For the racing we will move to Fish Hoek, the first race is the Technical race which is modeled on the BOP (Battle of the Paddle) and now PPG (Paddle Pacific Games), this is a highly exciting spectator race as there is lots of action close to shore, the race can be anywhere from 2-6km in length and involves the paddlers to paddle in and out through the surf and around a series of buoys, and it aloso usually involves a short beach run. Having the race run through the surf opens exterior forces to change the outcomes as the paddlers can use waves to their advantage, but in turn can also be taken advantage of.


The Second Race is a long distance and for this time of year with the South East wind in Cape Town we are expecting to have a Downwind race, from Millers Point to Fish Hoek, roughly 11km. here the riders will use wind generated waves or bumps to “fly” across the finish line first. This is fast becoming one of the more popular elements of SUP, and by many is regarded as the most fun, but be cautious the correct safety precautions should be followed at all times (see http://xpressiononthebeach.com/downwind-safety/ )

At the end of the three days, after hours of sunburn, smiles and hi fives, the results are tallied and the overall and individual winners are announced, tears are spilled along with beers as we close down another event. We cant wait for this one, and hope you are just as excited, for more info please check out the FB event or give us a ring on 021 709 0596.

Coreban Summer Series 2015 Wave & Race Event

Coreban Summer Series 2015 Wave & Race Event


Summer is on its way…and with Summer, along comes the highly anticipated, Coreban Summer Series 2015. A multidisciplinary SUP event covering Wave Riding, Technical and Long Distance Racing (Flatwater or Downwind; Conditions depending). This event is also a SUPSA Sanctioned event and will be the first event of the 2016 SUPSA Wave and Race Calendar ~ so come on and get those valuable series points.

This year the Coreban Summer Series 2015 will move to a new home in False Bay, with wave riding at Muizenberg, and racing at Fish Hoek.


Date: 11 – 14 December 2015

Venue: Xpression on the Beach, 10 Empire Building, Muizenberg (Wave) // Fish Hoek (Race)

Contact Person: Tyrone Cooper

Tel: 021 709 0596

Email: tyran@coreban.co.za


As always the main focus of the Coreban Summer Series is around fun, getting out there, pushing your limits and having a blast with friends and family.

We look forward to seeing you all there, for a great weekend of fun in the sun on a SUP!!