Mistral Summer SUP Weekend

Mistral Summer SUP Weekend



This year, the Supsa sanctioned Mistral Summer SUP Weekend moves to 10/11th November to avoid a congested December.

The weekend, which comprises wave riding, technical and long distance serves as a great warmup for the SA Team as they head to China for the ISA World Champs.
Importantly, all ages and levels of expertise are welcome to get out there and have fun!
6th Annual Whale of a Race, PiliPili River Bar, Witsand

6th Annual Whale of a Race, PiliPili River Bar, Witsand

Annual Whale of a Race, PiliPili River Bar, Witsand.

A fun weekend with some serious SUP’ing. The “Whale of a Race” has established itself as one of the best paying races in the country, but the prizes don’t come easy. The mighty Breede river always has a surprise waiting for race day. Whether wind, current, sandbanks or waves, it’s bound to be interesting. Throw in a NSRI benefit potjie, surfing, kiting and the indomitable Beerpong Champs, and you’ll have a weekend sure to remember.

The Southern Right whale numbers this year are breaking records in Witsand with over 1300 counted in the San Sebastian bay area. Numerous white calves are also to be seen. We are including a “Baby Whale” this year for kids and leisure paddlers, so no one has an excuse to stay at home.


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Starboard Zinkwazi Race Results

Starboard Zinkwazi Race Results


Position  Name
1 Dylan Frick 1:02:16.9
2 Tom King 1:02:47.5
3 Kimon Dos Santos 1:02:53.4
4 Matt Swemmer 1:04:46.5
5 Kyle Chrystal 1:04:52.2
6 Cameron Tripney 1:05:12.6
7 Brandon Read 1:05:25.9
8 Gunter Berger 1:07:11.4
9 John Bray 1:11:19.6
10 Corne Rossouw 1:13:32.3
11 Jon Irvins 1:14:23.0
12 Andre Fitt 1:22:09.7
13 Alan Marnitz 1:27:48.6
14 Michael Law 1:38:41.9
1 Tarryn King 1:06:13.5
2 Charlotte Atherton 1:07:22.4
3 Karisa Grace 1:18:19.5
4 Lande Williamson 1:18:20.0
5 Jacky de Billiot 1:18:20.2
6 Shelley Naylor 1:32:12.0
7 Karen de Bruto 1:34:18.5
8 Ann Smith 1:41:25.4
9 Jayne Law 1:43:26.8
10 Yvonne Stacey 1:43:45.8
11 Marici Grefrath 1:55:00.8
12 Liz du Plessis 1:55:01.9
1 Piet Stacey 42:36.2
2 Elizabeth Marnitz 1:11:35.7