Xpression on the Beach Wave Classic 2016 – Results

Men’s winner Tom King shows us how it’s done | Pic Credits: Anna-Marie Frick


Open Mens


  1. Tom King
  2. Dylan Frick
  3. Gary van Rooyen
  4. Kimon Dos Santos


Open Womens


  1. Tarryn King
  2. Roxy Davis
  3. Khara Thompson
  4. Jess Gould


Junior Boys


  1. Levi Mayes
  2. Cameron Tripney


Junior Girls


  1. Caitlin Broukeart




  1. Mike Teron
  2. Gary van Rooyen
  3. Shaun Walker
  4. Dave Maxwell




  1. Jan Beamish
  2. Missy Volker
  3. Lynn Robertson




  1. Sean Cummings
  2. Ian Wolmerans
  3. Charle Higgins
  4. Mark Everdij
  5. Kevin Wright
  6. Grant Renecle




  1. Lizanne Teron



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